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Reflections on a Growing Post

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When I first came up with this idea of growing posts it was to have the students interact with technology on a frequent basis. The first growing post had a 45% participation rate on the web and 15% do the post on paper. I was happy with this participation.


One goal of the growing post is to allow students to shine and show the world that they understand the concepts being done in class.


Some students excel at scribe posts. This only provides a limited exposure to the web tools available to them. Growing posts is a prolonged exposure to the tools and to the possibilites out there on the web.


The second growing post saw more students participating. From 45% participating on the first growing post I had 60% participate on the second. The same amount of students handed in paper copies. The number one reason why students did not participate electronically was that they pictures were not uploading to blogger. In a perfect world the students would be able to use school time to upload all pictures and create their posts.


I wanted the students to create links between their posts. They nominated other growing posts for the Hall Of Fame.


My final growing post for the year is an OPTIONAL one on Pythagoras. I am curious how many students will participate.


I enjoyed the experience in year one of the growing posts. Lets see what next year brings.


Chris Harbeck

May 19, 2006

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